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Welcome in Paris!

EHEA Ministerial Conference Paris 2018

Welcome to the 2018 EHEA Ministerial Conference website!

This Ministerial Conference will be held in Paris on May 24-25. It is open to registered European Higher Education Area (EHEA) delegations and will include a Bologna Policy Forum that will be an opportunity to pursue a dialogue between EHEA and non-EHEA countries.

The European Higher Education Area includes 48 countries centering on the European region, and stakeholders such as students’ representatives (ESU), the European association of universities, the representatives of higher education institutions, the representatives of teachers and staff, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the representatives of employers... It aims at increasing the mobility of students and staff thanks to common concrete tools such as European credits transfer system (ECTS), structuration of the studies into three cycles and quality assurance of higher education…

The Paris Conference will be an opportunity to reinforce the cooperation between countries for a better future of higher education. The Communiqué will stress the necessity to improve the implementation of fundamental values, especially democracy, since the standards of higher education convey notions of peace and freedom!